The City Energy Analyst (CEA) is part of research and development in the field of urban energy systems design and integration conducted by the Professorship of Architecture and Building Systems at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2011, several national and international projects on urban energy systems design and integration have been carried out or are currently in progress. More information on these research projects can be found here.

The CEA framework aims at combining spatial and energy systems design and empowering urban designers and energy engineers to create holistic designs for low-carbon cities. The framework in its current state results from the PhD work of Dr. Jimeno Fonseca. Likewise, its further development is subject to several ongoing PhD and Master theses.

Currently, the core development of the City Energy Analyst is based at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) at the Singapore-ETH Centre as part of the Multi-Scale Energy Systems research project by the A/S group. The research and development of CEA is supervised by Dr. Jimeno A. Fonseca and Prof. Dr. Arno Schlueter.

A. Schlueter and J. Fonseca District System Analysis.png