The City Energy Analyst

The City Energy Analyst (CEA) is an urban building simulation platform and one of the first open-source initiatives of computation tools for the design of low-carbon and highly efficient cities. The CEA combines knowledge of urban planning and energy systems engineering in an integrated simulation platform. This allows to study the effects, trade-offs and synergies of urban design options and energy infrastructure plans.

The latest version of CEA offers tools for the analysis of the carbon, financial and environmental benefits of the following strategies:

  1. Building Retrofits: appliances and lighting, building envelope, HVAC systems (incl. control strategies).
  2. Integration of Local Energy Resources: renewable and waste-to-heat energy sources.
  3. District Energy Networks: decentralized and centralized thermal micro-grids and conversion technologies.
  4. Modifications to Urban Form: new zoning, changes in occupancy and building typology.

For more information check out the tutorial: