The CEA aims to cover a wide number of applications for dynamic demand prediction, energy systems optimization, analysis and visualization. Most of these features are developed as part of research projects. Check out the status and the roadmap of CEA.

Interested in contributing to a research project or the development of new features? contact us. Alternatively, post an issue in our development repository.

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This is the list of features currently being researched and developed for the CEA.

Development Status

We develop CEA in four main stages, that is research, development, testing and documentation. Once all stages are covered, we consider a feature to be stable. As depicted in the table below, CEA is constantly under development. 


We held our Annual developers meeting during the first week of February of 2017. This is the result: a list of core values for the CEA team (in blue) and a list of next topics we would like to address during this year. For more information do not doubt to contact us

Last Update: 03. July. 2017