Data Helper

Status: STABLE

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The CEA ships with a series of statistical databases relating a building typology to historical data about typical materials, HVAC systems, thermal properties, etc. The aim of this database is to help users retrieving inputs for their analysis. Think of it as highly valuable default data. As such, users of CEA can modify any of the parameters selected from these databases.

The current database was built form surveys of close to 10.000 buildings in Switzerland and as such is particularly suited to the Swiss-European context. The statistical databases contain up to 15 types of building typologies. Each building typology is classified according to the year of construction and/or renovation and the type of occupancy. Users are encouraged to build a statistical database for their local area, or even better, get real data from their building stock.

The databases and their contents are:

  • Architecture: shading systems, window-to-wall ratio, occupancy density, cross-ventilation, roof, walls and windows types.
  • Indoor comfort: set-point temperatures, humidity levels, set-back temperatures, ventilation rates and typical leakages.
  • Internal loads: sensible and latent gain due to occupancy, electricity density due to appliances, lighting, refrigeration, data-centres and light industry (if any), consumption of potable and domestic hot water.
  • Mechanical systems: type of heating, cooling and domestic hot water system, including temperatures of operation, ratings and type of control systems.
  • Materials: embodied energy and emissions, U-values, heat capacities, emissivity.

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